Wednesday, April 02, 2008

What will Basty be.....

Basty loves animals. He likes looking at cats and dogs and he likes to imitate their sounds. If we want him to sit steady, we play the baby einstein with animals.

He hums with me when I put him to sleep. Now that he can say some incomprehensible words, he sings with words.

He wows everybody in our condo. Most of the people in the condo knows him. Most of them we don't even know. They refer to us as Basty's mom or Basty's dad. He gets invited to parties.

He does headbang a lot

He can act as if he's crying when he's not. We know he's faking it when there's no tears. He just keeps on wailing....waaaa waaaaa mamama mama maaamma

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bless said...

hey there Alma!
i made a post on my blog a few weeks ago wondering how my little boy himself would turn out in the future, professionally speaking.
i guess, ganun tlaga tayo mga mommies noh?
the kids really brighten up our days!