Thursday, April 17, 2008


We went to Glorietta yesterday to get a haircut for Basty. Cuts for Tots moved to its new location at the 3rd floor of Glorietta 3. When we entered Kidzone, where Cuts for Tots is located, Basty didn't know where to go first, there were lots of toys. When we reached our destination, Basty saw the cars (seats they used for the kids) and he pointed at them. There was no hesitation when we put him in the 'car', but when he saw the barber's 'gadgets', he began screaming and wanted to get off the car.

We all had to entertain Basty just so he would sit still. There was also Barney show playing on TV. We'd catch his attention away from the barber for few minutes, and then we had to get another toy to entertain him again. I wasn't able to get lots of pictures since it took all of us to hold him steady.

Final cut, can't get him to seat anymore

After the hair cut, we had a hard time getting him out of place because there were lots of toys.

Here he is…isn't he cute J

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