Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Alehra's 1st birthday suppliers' rating

There are moms who plan their baby's birthday right after they recuperated from giving birth. NO, i'm not one of them...hahaha. As usual, I started planning 3 months before.

We pencil booked at Dad's Glorietta and 2 months before the event they called to inform me that they need to be strict with the time because they have a booking for a debut right after us. I did not like the idea of my guests being told to leave while we are still chatting so we cancelled the reservation.

With no venue and 2 months to go, where else to turn but to my reliable nawie sisters. I checked the archive on the supplier ratings and saw the review of sis Tet on Fun Ranch. So come weekend, I dragged hubby to go there to check the place. It's not our first time there, my kids love the place, but we haven't really paid attention to their party rooms since we go there for the rides. 

Another venue we considered was Milkyway (Pasay Road)  because of their sooo yummy food. Unfortunately, their minimum consumable was out of our budget..bohoohoo. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

El Dia Dela Hispanidad

A simple dance number makes a mommy proud...kahit pa di perfect, enough na sa akin na makita syang mag perform sa stage.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Primary complex scare

Our yaya complained that she's having headaches and backaches. She also had blood on her saliva. I immediately brought her to Healthway for check up. They did X-ray but the result suggested for another X-ray because the findings was inconclusive...we waited for few days for the result and yesterday, we got the result and we can breathe now. The yaya is not positive for TB.

I've always had my yayas checked (x-ray, cbc, etc), but was not able to do so for this yaya. Hay, it's a lesson to us na lahat talaga kailangang magpa medical..lalo na at sila ang nagluluto and everyday kasama ng mga kids.

Also, ang mahal talagang magkasakit...ouch sa bulsa. eniways, i'm just glad that she's not a virus carrier. But she's still leaving because she wants to rest muna.

Monday, October 03, 2011

Party planning

3 weeks before Ehra's first birthday and this is how my To do list looks like:

Those highlighted in yellow are things I've already accomplished and those in green are my pending items. Those in orange are things i've started but can't mark as completed already.

Some guests have already confirmed. Knowing our culture of not RSVPing, I need to call each guests by next week to get the final list.

The supplier rating of a co-nawie made the planning a bit easier for me.

Goodluck to me and hope it will be a special day to remember.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Report Card

I received Basty's report card last night and I was sooo happy...i'm such a proud momma. He got an average of 94.3...even I didn't get that average when I was studying...hehehe. I plan to schedule a meeting with his teacher. I want to discuss Basty's behavior with her. I want to know if he's noisy, bully or being bullied. If he participates in their discussion. 

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Basty's 5th birthday - Tarlac

Basty wanted a Jollibee party but Jollibee Capas is small and they don't have play area so we told him we'll just have it in Mcdo and he agreed. It's actually an advance celebration - we celebrated it Aug. 28 (Sunday).
 mcdo party
 Enjoying Sundae
@ home (Capas)

Basty's 5th birthday - Pampanga

We were in Pampanga the day of Basty's birthday. Her lola bought cake and cooked Spaghetti and hotdog for the kids. There were games and it was really heartwarming to see kids play and have fun. Even Basty joined in the games.
 Blowing of cake
 Stop dance

Monday, August 08, 2011


I saw a post from Claire (nawie) on toddler activity with a link to this blog:

I went to the blog and downloaded the file last Friday. So come Saturday, Basty and I had a blast making a cupcake.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Sunday mass in our condo is at 8am. It's too early for us. We found out that there's 11am mass at Piazza so we go there whenever we're late. Basty and Alec actually like it there because they get to play @ the playground.

3 years old

We celebrated Alec's birthday at home. It was just a simple dinner with her ninongs and ninang. We bought cake in S&R and ordered food from Ambers.

walking - not yet

2 weeks ago, we bought shoes for Alehra. She's now trying to stand on her own and it's so cute. Kuya and ate both wanted to hold her.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Basty's AVP

This is the first video I ever created. I recently found it in another laptop.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mix pix with PixTrix (for BlackBerry)

Obvious ba, i'm having fun with pixtrix for BB:)

Yey, andito ako sa picture...madalang na pagkakataon dahil ako lagi ang photographer 

 Group picture..Alec blowing her cake

 Pretty birthday girl

 Playing after the mass @ the Piazza

Growing up fast. Soon she'll be running with ate and kuya.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Monday, July 04, 2011

Baby wearing - nawies

Got this picture from mimma Benz:

That's me in the red square. It was so nice to meet nawies and chat with some of them. I went there with Alehra and yaya. Alehra was sleepy kaya she was crying. I wasn't able to try other carriers except for the saya because I had to breastfeed Alehra. Pam of BosomBuddy was kind enough to lend me a nursing pillow and it was really a nice product. It's just that I BF on lying position 99% of the time so it's really not for me. But for those who BF in a sitting position, I suggest you try and get one.

I hope there will be a part three. Hopefully, i'll get to try other products and meet more nawies.

Monday, May 30, 2011


Our first choice for the reception was Sweet Pea at the Venice Piazza McKinley Hill. We liked the place kaso di naging okay usapan namin. It's actually the reason why we chose St. Michael's parish because it's near the Piazza. 

We ended up booking at Guilly's, Glorietta 5. The funny part there is that di pa namin napupuntahan ni Eric yung place when I suggested it to him. I found out about the it from Maqui (sis in nawie). I read her blog about her son's baptism. We reserved the place siguro mga 3 weeks before the event. We did not book the entire place because they want us to book a minimum of 80 pax and for some reason, the price per head is higher even if you commit on more guests. 

To our disappointment, when we went there to check on some details, Agnes, the manager told us that they accepted another booking and some of our guests will not be accommodated inside. Super bad trip talaga. I expected at least a call from her to confirm how many guests are we really having to finalize the table arrangement, but no, there was no advice. 

I was not able to eat well during the event so I can't say if the food was any good. But since it's eat all you can buffet, with pasta and mongolian choices, I'm sure the guests found something they wanted. 

friends and family

St. Michael Parish

with mommy and daddy

with mommy, daddy and ate alec

with lola Dolor

with lolo Erning

with godparents
     Hannah Romawac-Olives Cathy Tan Jaque Bayog Hegel Arellano Jenny Vega Richelle Flores Rhea Flores Sheila Vasquez AJ Razon Kim Zamora Marc Razon Jeric Seda Dominic Canlas Edmar Sicat Petronilo Sampang Christopher Jared Mobley Princess Rambush John/Soc Noy Sicat Rex Tuazon Blessilda Sicat Kambal Sicat Joyce Sicat Arielle Vallido Marlon Rivera Sarah Dean Rivera Kaye Rivera Ruschelle Litilit-Monte  

Alehra Xirene's Baptism details

Date: January 29, 2011
Time: 11am
Church: St. Michael Parish, Bayani road, Taguig City
Reception: Guilly's, Glorietta 4

DIY. I used a free quickpage (i need to find my source, i'll update once i find it), edited and had it printed at LBC Digiprint.


A Baby Bragbook quick page from just so scrappy


Dress / Shoes / Candles / Giveways

I used Pink ribbon for the candles. As for the dress, we used the same dress that her ate Alec used. She used it on her baptism only. Nagpaka practical na lang so we did not buy her a new dress since one time lang naman isusuot.

I saw the cute photo/note holder at Landmark. I didn't have the time so I asked Eric to choose and buy.

For special favors to the godparents, I ordered cupcakes from Tinapay ni Tinay. I actually talked to Tinay siguro five days before the event. Ganun ka rush and I'm happy to say na masarap naman and nice naman ang dating.


Dress and stuff


giveaways @ Guilly's
cupcake for godparents
Guest sheet

Instead of the usual Guest book, I copied this idea from another nawie, sis Maqui. She was kind enough to email the file she used for her son Aki. We had fun reading the messages from our guests.