Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Report Card

I received Basty's report card last night and I was sooo happy...i'm such a proud momma. He got an average of 94.3...even I didn't get that average when I was studying...hehehe. I plan to schedule a meeting with his teacher. I want to discuss Basty's behavior with her. I want to know if he's noisy, bully or being bullied. If he participates in their discussion. 

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Basty's 5th birthday - Tarlac

Basty wanted a Jollibee party but Jollibee Capas is small and they don't have play area so we told him we'll just have it in Mcdo and he agreed. It's actually an advance celebration - we celebrated it Aug. 28 (Sunday).
 mcdo party
 Enjoying Sundae
@ home (Capas)

Basty's 5th birthday - Pampanga

We were in Pampanga the day of Basty's birthday. Her lola bought cake and cooked Spaghetti and hotdog for the kids. There were games and it was really heartwarming to see kids play and have fun. Even Basty joined in the games.
 Blowing of cake
 Stop dance