Thursday, November 05, 2009

Fun Ranch Halloween Special

I found out about the Halloween party at n@w. I saw the post about 3 days after it was posted and it was mentioned there that they will be accepting limited kids only. I tried my luck and sent an email to register my kids. After few days, nawies started posting that they received their confirmation from FunRanch...and I still don't have the email. I thought I did not make it to the cut off. So I was surprised when I received the email confirmation.

Actually, we've never been to Fun Ranch or Tiendesitas :) I told Eric to just drive along C5 and we'll just see it...hahaha. With goodluck, we didn't have to ask anybody for direction..we were able to find our way on our own...hurray for peeps bad in direction.

We bought the ride all you can ticket for Basty...needless to say, he had so much fun. Alec had a blast too. But Alec was afraid of the mascots, while Basty even wanted to be carried by them.

The next day, Basty was telling me that he wants to go back to "CRANCH"...I did not understand at first, but he said he wanted to ride the carousel and the plane...i finally understood that he's talking about Funranch :)

Here's our pix:

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Yaya issues

Yaya number 1
Nagpaalam sya sa amin mga mid October. Aalis na sya dahil pinapag asawa na sya ng mama nya to a man she barely know (she actually has a boyfriend). According to her mom, matanda na sya. To think na she's only 20 years old. Magpakatino daw sya...haller!!! Di pa ba sya matino e ang ayos nga nyang nagtra-trabaho sa amin...compared to her kuya na jobless. She's not even enjoying her salary dahil bago pa sya mag sweldo, most of the time e pumupunta na sa amin (my parent's place) yung mama nya to get advance salary.

Ang sabi nya nung una e until October 29 (Thursday) na lang sya..pero na convince namin sya na sabay sabay na kaming umuwi ng Pampanga ng Saturday, so pumayag naman sya..pero nung malapit na ang Oct. 29, she told us na tumawag daw ang nanay nya and pinpawui na sya ng Thursday. So wala naman akong nagawa. Hinatid na lang namin sya sa sakayan.

Last Saturday, nakausap ko ang papa ko. Pumunta daw sa amin yung nanay nya dahil hindi umuwi ang anak nya. Hay, sabi ko na lang sa papa ko, walang ibang dapat sisihin kung hindi yung nanay na nagpilit na magpakasal ang anak nya sa guy na di naman nya gusto. I wonder why merong mga nanay na ganun. I tried to call her pero can't be reached na number nya. I hope she's okay and maisip nya na pumunta na lang uli sa amin kung ayaw nya talagang magpakasal.

Yaya number 2
Nakakainis itong isang ito. umuwi sya Oct. 31, babalik daw sya next day (Nov. 1). Nung gabi na ng Nov. 1, naka receive ako ng text from her na di na raw sya babalik dahil nanganak yung ate nya and nahihirapan nanay nya sa pag alaga sa ate nya...haller! mga ilang linggo ng nanganak ang ate nya...and bakit naman biglaan! Ang hirap naman ng ganun, wala man lang pasabi na aalis na sya...kahit man lang at least 2 weeks sana na nag stay muna sya, para may mahanap kami na kapalit nya. To think na alam naman nya na kakaalis ng kasama nyang isa.

Ang hirap na talagang makahanap ng yaya na tatagal. Actually wala akong problem kay yaya number 1, yung nanay lang talaga nya ang problema. As in 3 years na sya sa amin and i can really trust her na. Oh well, sana we can find replacements na. Asa province tuloy babies ko dahil wala silang yaya dito. I'm just thankful dahil andyan pa ang mama ko to take care of my kids pag walang yayas.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Things for sale

We've sold(given) most of the items away. The sofa is now with our interior designer. She displayed it in her gallery. We're still looking for a buyer.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Minnie Mouse

Alec's costume for her party this saturday :)
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FS: Dining

This is ideal for studio units. Sorry for the clutter. We are already packing things since we're moving by Friday.

FS: Cabinet

Same color as the table stand. We also have a night/side table with the same finish. I was not able to take picture of it lang.

For Sale: TV Stand

For Sale: Sofa

We've never used this. Hindi sya kasya sa new place namin :(

Selling some items coz we are moving to our new place.

email me if you're interested:

Monday, March 23, 2009


Last week, we bought this Moulinex juice extractor. I'm trying to be health conscious :)
I tried carrot juice last night...i thought the taste will be weird, surprisingly, it was good.  I wonder what else (veggies/fruits) we can use....any reco?

Friday, March 20, 2009

Alec with daddy @ GB5

Hanging out at Greenbelt 5 after the mass. We were supposed to buy the Chico grinder, but they're out of stock (even at the Glorietta branch). Kuya Basty is not around, he's already in the province enjoying his summer v!
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Night out

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Basty's trip

I hope you enjoy this video I created using the pictures from Basty's field trip with his classmates from EALC.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Friday, February 27, 2009

Basty was not in his usual mood. I even had to run with him when he joined the pull the car game (which we won, yipee!)...actually, we had to make him pilit to join...he did not want to let go of me.
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Family Day @ Island Cove

Up to the last minute, we were not sure if we're going or not. Basty had a swollen toe and another open wound in another toe which he got a day before. We're hesitant because we do not want him to go swimming with an open wound. He's so excited about the we went anyway.

We we're supposed to leave home at 6am because we were informed to allot 2 hours travel time. We left home at 7:45 and arrived at the location 45 minutes after. It was our first time to go there and we were surprised that it was not that far. I'm glad though that the travel time was shorter than expected because I was so stressed out thinking that we're sooo late and might miss most of the activities.
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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Alec @ 6mos

Alec is now 6 mos. Time flies really fast. I still remember the mixed emotions I had when I found out we were pregnant again. I was nervous because Basty just turned 1, few months ago, meaning he will be 2 when I give birth and I'm not sure if I can handle another baby. Well, it wasn't easy, but I have no regrets. I'm sure Eric feels the same way too. Alec brings so much joy to me and of course to Eric. I can see how Eric somehow relaxes after a tiring day at the sight of Alec's smile and coos.