Friday, June 29, 2012

Can't sleep

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Alec and Ehra are sleeping at the other room while Basty sleeps in our room. Last night we can't sleep, so we played with the camera :)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Too young for eyeglasses

like mommy, like daughter

she looks adorable with glasses

2 weeks ago, we noticed that Ehra's eyes are crossing (naduduling). At first, it would go back to normal after a period of time but by Thursday, it's like a permanent thing. So by Saturday we brought her to the Optha doctor in Makati Med. He referred us to pedia Ophta instead. We were able to meet the pedia ophta Wednesday afternoon. We choose the frame last Saturday and we got the glasses yesterday.
According to the doctor, Ehra is far sighted with grade of 400 (right eye) and 250 (left eye). I was shocked. Imagine, her grade is higher than mine. I also can't imagine her wearing glasses for a long period of time.
The next concern is, if after 2 to 3 months and the crossing of the eyes don't normalize, we might have to do the surgery.
Please pray that we don't need to go through that anymore.


Alec has fever. Teacher Che sent a message last Tuesday that Alec has fever. Yesterday, she did not go to school. As I was not feeling well myself, I stayed home too. This morning, she does not have fever anymore. I hope she'll be okay the entire day today so she can already go to school tomorrow. She loves going to school.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Today, Alec went to school on her own. I'm a bit worried. Last night, when we were prepping her that ate (yaya) won't be going with her to school, she told me that the mommies of her classmates are staying there so she wants me and daddy to stay with her. I told her that the mommies of her classmates don't go to work, but mommy and daddy need to go to work. So she said we'll just stay with her if we don't have work.
I'm not super worried because Alec is an independent girl. I know that she won't get bullied because she will fight back. Sabi nga ni yaya mas takot ang mga classmates nya sa kanya...and it was funny because when i saw the video which yaya took, she's the smallest in class.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Terra 28th Park @ the Fort

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Fun weekend @ the park :)

Little Miss Philippines

Pwede na bang mag join sa Litte Miss Philippines? Super like nyang mag pa picture and mag pose :)

Friday, June 22, 2012


It's final! I sold my elecrtic pump...i've let go...I'm not going to have another baby....not anymore. I'm actually regretting the decision of not having the ligation after giving birth to our third baby.

I've also given all the baby clothes and all the maternity clothes that I have.

No more babies! 3 is enough for us.

Senior Kinder

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Basty is now senior kinder (prep). He didn't want to go inside the classroom at first. He said it's not his classroom. He was looking for his classmates. Fortunately, her new teacher was the assistant teacher when he was in Nursery so the teacher called him, that's the only time we were able to make him go inside the classroom. When the teacher started giving out clays and blocks, we took it as our cue to go.

To my Basty, hope you'll have fun learning experience this year. Let's see if you'll be a swimmer or a soccer player :)

First time in uniform

excited to go to school

Alec, took this photo of mommy

waiting for the service.
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The yaya was telling us that Alec is really enjoying going to school. She's not shy and she listens to teacher. May smiley stamp sya and she told yaya nung hinihilamusan sya not to erase it kasi ipapakita daw sa akin. When I arrived home tulog na sya so kaninang umaga, yun talaga ang pinakita nya sa akin :)

Friday, June 01, 2012

Alec bungisngis


There's a show called "Alice Bungisngis and the wonder walis" and the protagonist has an unkempt hair. We usually tease Alec and call her Alec bungisngis and she would shout at us and say "NO!"

Kahit magulo ang hair, pretty pa rin ang baby ko :)
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