Thursday, May 29, 2008

1 week rest

Last Monday, while I was in the middle of a meeting, bigla na lang ako nahihilo. I told my boss, who's sitting at my right side, kaso di nya masyadong narinig and she asked me kung ano daw yun, di ko na inulit kasi baka mag panic sila. After a while nawala naman yung hilo ko, so after the meeting I told my boss and told her that I'll just attend another important meeting in the afternoon and after that I'm going home na. Nagkataon naman that I'm scheduled to go to the endoc on Tuesday, kaya I decided to visit na rin my OB, which I'm supposed to visit after a week pa.
My OB did an IE and she said that my cervix is soft, and she's not happy with the contractions so she ordered for me to rest for a week. So here I am now, at home, blogging.
I was also informed by my OB to choose a date first week of July for my delivery. Hubby and I originally picked July7, but my OB said that's too late na. She wants it earlier than that, so now we're thinking of July 1.
BTW, my visit to the endoc was ok. 92 sugar ko and it's within normal range. I'll go back there after 2 weeks. Thanks for al those who prayed for me when I was really depressed having to go through the OGTT.

Jazz up your shirt contest

We have a contest in the office, it's called "me na me, jazz up ur shirt". It's designing ur shirt that best describes you. I just found out that there's a poll going on. Please vote for my shirt. You can text: 1Jazz POLL H send to 70076278.

The design of my shirt describes me as a certified CRACKBERRY. Oh yes, I'm an addict....I'm addicted with my Blackberry. I feel incomplete if there's a day in my life that I don't receive emails...weird ha! You won't hear me say that I need to go back to the office because I am waiting for an important email. There's no need for me to be in the office just to send and receive email. I'm always connected, anytime, anywhere...hahaha, Blackberry's you know I'm a real addict.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Hepa A vaccine and Allergy

Went to BAsty's pedia last Saturday for his Hepa A vaccine. He did not gain weight :( But according to the pedia, it's common daw na hindi na ganun ang weight gain at his age. Before kasi parang halos every visit may weight gain sya. All in all ok naman sya except for the bungang araw which according to the pedia, we can apply Curash powder. Unfortunately, after going to 2 branches of Mercury drugs e wala akong nabili.
Saturday night, nung binibihisan na namin sya ng pangtulog, we noticed na may rashes sya sa body. We thought na baka may kumagat lang sa kanya or something. He was complaining na itchy daw and super kamot sya and irritated na ayaw nyang ipalagay ang diaper nya.
Sunday afternoon meron na ring rashed sa face nya, so we decided to have him checked sa makati med ER. Actually, I texted his pedia and asked if possible ba na effect nung vaccine, but according to her, not likely daw and if we're worried, better bring Basty to ER of makati med na, that's what we did. Sabi dun, allergy daw so ininject sya ng Benadryl. Nakatulog lang sya siguro ng mga 1 hour then nagising na. Yung rashed naman parang medyo nawala pero not totally. Nung gabi na, he's complaining again na itchy daw so I called the ER if I can give him the meds na, kasi before we left ER, I asked if bibigyan ko ng gamot ng gabi, pero I was told to give him na lang the meds next day na. When I talked to the attending pedia, he told me na it's ok daw to give the meds na. After few minutes of giving the meds, nakatulog naman na sya. This morning when I checked, parang nawala na yung rashed sa body, pero meron pa yung sa face. I just hope na mawala na soon. He's supposed to take the meds for 5 days.

Friday, May 23, 2008

AI Fever

This is totally not related to my family...but please let me blog about AI coz I still have "Cook Fever".
In the beginning of AI, my fave was Michael Johns. I was really sad when he was eliminated earlier than he deserved (ok, i'm griping). So when MJ was eliminated, that's the only time I appreciated Cook. From then on, he's my new fave.
My hubby and I watched the last performance night between the 2 Davids and we appreciated how Archuleta gave his all, in all the 3 songs. Based on what Simon said, we thought Cook has no chance of winning. I thought that the fanbase of Archuleta is bigger than that of Cook. Boy, was I wrong, he won by 12M votes, that's a lot!
What I like about Cook is that he can sing any song and make it his own. I so love his version of "Always be my baby".
I laughed so hard when I saw the performance of Renaldo Lapuz; what a big production number :)
I am not familiar with the movie The Love Guru so I was not even aware that it was Mike Myers. It was shameless plugging. I saw his interview at the Ellen Show, he was so funny.
side kwento:
Before the last performance night, we saw (memory gap, i forgot the name, famous for the line "Let's get ready to rumble") the famous announcer on boxing, he was in the crowd. Me and hubby were actually joking each other that he can do the announcement on the next show for the final match of the Davids. So it was so weird and funny when he did :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

In need of yaya

Almost three weeks ago, nagpaalam ang yaya ni Basty to go home, pero babalik din daw. My mom said na ihahatid sya ng nanliligaw sa kanya. Actually, we're not sure if nanliligaw pa lang or boyfriend na nya. Eric said na baka mag asawa na sya. Yaya was so defensive, sabi nya "naku hindi pa kuya". She promised na babalik sya after three weeks. She came earlier than that, kaso lang magpapakasal na daw sya by August and ayaw na sya pag work ng guy :(

Where art thou good yaya? Sana naman makahanap na kami ng yaya na magtatagal talaga. This yaya knows how to take care of Basty na including yung pagpapakain which is really hard. The first yaya nag-asawa din kaya di na rin bumalik.

The sad part is andun pa rin ang baby ko sa mama ko dahil nga wala pang yaya. I miss my baby so much.

Friday, May 16, 2008

More clothes from bazaar

Sabi ko nga may self control ako, so heto at may dalawa na naman na damit akong nabili for my baby :)

Happy weekend...will try to go tomorrow to the ExpoMom @ Rockwell.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Check up

I had my regular check up with my OB. I gained 3 lbs (yey), I now weigh 107lbs. According to my pedia, everything looks ok. Before I went to her, I had my blood sugar checked at the endoc office and it was 82. She asked me to visit her again after 3 weeks, by then we might be able to finalize my schedule (Scheduled CS kasi ako), since I have gestational diabetes, my OB wants to do it as early as possible to avoid complications daw. Me and hubby wanted July 7, para 7-7-08. At least madaling tandaan. Sabi nga ng OB ko, a lot are choosing 8-8-08. Syempre kung makakapili lang ako na aabot sa ganung date e di ganun din ang pipiliin ko. Tapos, Makati Med's new building will be opened on Aug. 8 din daw. I would love to give birth in a new delivery room/Operating room and stay in a new room...kaso lang, mas maaga ako, so the old rooms will do (like i have a choice...hahaha).
While my OB was checking on the heart rate, super galaw ni baby. As in moving talaga na kahit di mo hawakan ang tyan ko e makikita mo na nag mo-move. Sabi ko nga sa kanya, mas malikot itong pangalawa. Pero the size daw is almost the same. Basty kasi was 7.11, sana nga ganun din si baby girl, di super laki pero tama lang para di mahirap hawakan. Pag kasi mas maliit parang nakakailang hawakan at baka mapilayan or something.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Baby clothes

Just want to share the clothes I bought yesterday in a Bazaar (Ayala Ave., I'm not sure if it's part of the Kaplan building) near our office. Actually, ang daming cutie na clothes for girls, kaso lang i had to control myself at baka pagalitan ako ni hubby pag uwi ko. Well, natuwa naman sya nung pinakita ko, at ang sabi bat di ko pa binili yung iba...hahaha.

Baby Gap lahat. Sabi nung nagtitinda, sa Cavite daw ata yung factory (pero she did not sound so sure) tapos for export. All items 100 to 200 ang price. Kung ano yung price, yun na, wala ng tawad. Funny, pero feeling ko better pa rin yung may tawad kahit 10 or 20 pesos ang fun sa bazaar di ba, yung feeling mo na nakamura ka talaga dahil may tawad.

For those interested, you can still visit the bazaar, until Friday pa sila dun. Actually, every payday week e may Bazaar dun, di ko lang sure kung laging andun yun nagtitinda ng baby clothes.
I also bought clothes dun sa Bel-air (48 Zodiac St.). Mga precious minds, baby of mine, carter, mga pang new born to 18 months naman ang meron sila. I was able to buy pangtulog na terno. I think the price is more affordable than mall price. Kasi I got the terno for 140 lang. Sayang, I left the items dun sa car ng friend ko. Post ko na lang ang pictures pag nakuha ko na. Buti pa dun may tawad sa overall price nung binili ko :)
May side kwento pala yun. Ang sungit kasi nung manang na nagbabantay, as in! Buti na lang may isang manang na pumalit, yun mas friendly na. May kasabay ako na bumibili din, as in nagtatawanan na lang kami kasi nga ang sungit nung unang manang, tapos ayaw na nyang magtanong dun sa manang kasi parang galit pag sumagot.
Di naman obvious na excited na ako na bihisan ang baby ko...hahaha.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Happy Mother's day!

Credits: You are so beautiful kit (march 2008) by Doro (Doreen Stolz). Wordart by Bnbharty
“You’ll never fully appreciate your mother until you become a mother yourself”

Lagi ko itong naririnig, pero na realize ko lang sya talaga nung naging mommy na rin ako. Naisip ko lahat ng mga nagawa ng mom ko for me (sa family namin). Nung bata pa ako, there were many things na iniisip ko na bakit ganito ang mga decisions ng mom ko…pero now I know why…sobrang kapakanan namin lagi ang iniisip nya. She sacrificed a lot for us. Dati sinasabi din nya na instead na bumili sya ng damit for herself, para sa amin na lang ang binibili nya, di ko man lang na appreciate yun noon…feeling ko kasi dati responsibility naman nya na gawin iyon. But now, ganun na rin ako, pag nag mall ako, most often than not, para sa baby ko ang na shop ko, not for myself or hubby.
I have a lot to be thankful to my mom...sabi nga nila, kahit anong gawin mo, you'll never be able to repay all the things na ginawa ng mom mo for you. Until now, she's always there for me. She's taking care of my son. I can only imagine how hard it is for one to become a new mother without her own mom by her side. My mom stayed with me few days bago pa ako manganak...asa hospital sya the entire time na andun ako.
I know I have given her lots of heartaches...I'm sorry for all those times.
If I would be asked to give 1 word that would best fit her, that would be GIVING. She's always there for her family (our relatives). When a relative goes to her for help, as long as she can, she won't hesitate to help. That's why when she got sick, all of those people she helped showed up. They were all there to show gratitude.
In our family, we're not really expressive of our feelings. We normally don't say I love you or express how much thankful we are or how much we value each other. Here, I want to say I love you mama! You mean so much to me!

Monday, May 05, 2008

I miss my baby

The yaya of Basty went home to Bicol yesterday. We had no choice but to leave Basty (again) with my mom, in Pampanga. Basty will be staying there for 3 weeks.
Basty obviously missed my mom. When we arrived at her place, Basty smiled when he saw his lola and then he didn't want to be put down anymore when his lola carried him. Even when we were saying goodbye, he didn't want to come with us. I guess he just realized that we're really leaving him when we were all in the car and waving goodbye..that's the only time that he started crying.
When we reached home (Makati), I was really sad. I saw Basty's stuffed toys in our bed and I really wanted to cry, but I did not want Eric to see me crying so I just pretended to be sleeping.
I just hope na bumalik talaga yung yaya...she said she'll come back but there's really no guarantee. I don't totally like her due to some reasons, but Basty likes her and she already knows how to feed Basty (which is really a difficult task) and somehow she teaches him things like singing and reading books.
It's really hard to be a working mom :(