Friday, May 23, 2008

AI Fever

This is totally not related to my family...but please let me blog about AI coz I still have "Cook Fever".
In the beginning of AI, my fave was Michael Johns. I was really sad when he was eliminated earlier than he deserved (ok, i'm griping). So when MJ was eliminated, that's the only time I appreciated Cook. From then on, he's my new fave.
My hubby and I watched the last performance night between the 2 Davids and we appreciated how Archuleta gave his all, in all the 3 songs. Based on what Simon said, we thought Cook has no chance of winning. I thought that the fanbase of Archuleta is bigger than that of Cook. Boy, was I wrong, he won by 12M votes, that's a lot!
What I like about Cook is that he can sing any song and make it his own. I so love his version of "Always be my baby".
I laughed so hard when I saw the performance of Renaldo Lapuz; what a big production number :)
I am not familiar with the movie The Love Guru so I was not even aware that it was Mike Myers. It was shameless plugging. I saw his interview at the Ellen Show, he was so funny.
side kwento:
Before the last performance night, we saw (memory gap, i forgot the name, famous for the line "Let's get ready to rumble") the famous announcer on boxing, he was in the crowd. Me and hubby were actually joking each other that he can do the announcement on the next show for the final match of the Davids. So it was so weird and funny when he did :)

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