Monday, May 05, 2008

I miss my baby

The yaya of Basty went home to Bicol yesterday. We had no choice but to leave Basty (again) with my mom, in Pampanga. Basty will be staying there for 3 weeks.
Basty obviously missed my mom. When we arrived at her place, Basty smiled when he saw his lola and then he didn't want to be put down anymore when his lola carried him. Even when we were saying goodbye, he didn't want to come with us. I guess he just realized that we're really leaving him when we were all in the car and waving goodbye..that's the only time that he started crying.
When we reached home (Makati), I was really sad. I saw Basty's stuffed toys in our bed and I really wanted to cry, but I did not want Eric to see me crying so I just pretended to be sleeping.
I just hope na bumalik talaga yung yaya...she said she'll come back but there's really no guarantee. I don't totally like her due to some reasons, but Basty likes her and she already knows how to feed Basty (which is really a difficult task) and somehow she teaches him things like singing and reading books.
It's really hard to be a working mom :(

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