Thursday, June 19, 2008

Grocery Shopping tips

There's a topic about grocery shopping tips in one of my yahoogroups. Somebody mentioned about having a list (as well as list police) when you go to the grocery/market. I'm not really a list person, but my hubby is. To please him (and avoid argugemnts) I create a list before we go to the grocery. But I don't really stick to the list. I know, I'm such a bad shopper. I can't be a budget officer, I can't even police myself. But lately, I'm trying my best to minimize our expenses. Super mahal na lahat ng bilihin.

Some of the things I'm trying to do:
- put more veggies and fish in our weekly menu (less expensive than all meat meals,not to mention healthier) but I don't really like buying the fish or even meat in palengke. I just feel that it's more prone to not too good quality meats(smuggled,double dead...u get the picture)
- avoid going to the grocery as much as possible...if I don't go there myself, I avoid the unnecessary buys, I just provide a list of things to buy to the maid, of course she sticks to it.
- I use my loyalty card to get loyalty points then exchange the points to vouchers.- buy shampoo sachets. I noticed that our maid tend to use up more shampoo when we buy the bottle. At least if it's in sachet I can monitor how long the packs should last.
- I use my credit card to pay. This way, I get points as well and I don't have to bring cash. I pay all the amount due on or before due date, to avoid getting any charges (finance charge, late payment,etc). This way, I get the advantages of having a card.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Sabi nila when you're about to give birth,you'll be nesting. I think I did the nesting kanina. Nag general cleaning kami ng house. I'm supposed to be on bed rest so I just supervised the cleaning. I do hope na di pa lumabas si baby eventhough mommy did the nesting thing already. I'm supposed to give birth on july 1 pa. That's the time my baby will be 37 weeks and that's the safe time. Well I'm not yet totally done with the prep thing. I'm actually postponing putting in the bag, the things we need to bring to the hospital. I would like to think na lalabas si baby on scheduled date so I refuse to finish the packing as early as now. So goodluck sakin if na excite si baby at naisipang mag hello world ng maaga

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lolo & lola

Lola and lolo arrived last Saturday. Tita Bok and I went to the airport and then we all went to Pampanga. I'm glad they arrived safely. Mukha naman silang tumaba and I'm really happy na healthy pa rin talaga sila kahit na going 85 yrs old na si lola.

Before they arrived, I asked my cousin Rich to tell lola to buy some things for me. Guess what, Rich bought the items you cuz :)

So now I have my Avent sterilizer for microwave, 1 pack 4 pcs 40z bottles and digital ear thermometer. The sterilizer would be great when we travel, at least we don't have to carry the bulky electric sterlizer. And the digital ear thermometer will really come in handy when Basty gets's so hard to get his temp using the regular thermometer that we put in his armpit, he can't get still for more than 30 seconds.

Update on shirt design contest

I did not win :(
But, I received consolation prize :) I got 1 shirt, 1 shorts, 2 cans of Pepsi max, 1 beach bag, 1 dozen sachet of Clear shampoo, 1 set Shampoo and conditioner from Zen Zest (in gift pack). So it was still worth joining the contest :)