Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lolo & lola

Lola and lolo arrived last Saturday. Tita Bok and I went to the airport and then we all went to Pampanga. I'm glad they arrived safely. Mukha naman silang tumaba and I'm really happy na healthy pa rin talaga sila kahit na going 85 yrs old na si lola.

Before they arrived, I asked my cousin Rich to tell lola to buy some things for me. Guess what, Rich bought the items himself...love you cuz :)

So now I have my Avent sterilizer for microwave, 1 pack 4 pcs 40z bottles and digital ear thermometer. The sterilizer would be great when we travel, at least we don't have to carry the bulky electric sterlizer. And the digital ear thermometer will really come in handy when Basty gets sick...it's so hard to get his temp using the regular thermometer that we put in his armpit, he can't get still for more than 30 seconds.

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