Thursday, June 19, 2008

Grocery Shopping tips

There's a topic about grocery shopping tips in one of my yahoogroups. Somebody mentioned about having a list (as well as list police) when you go to the grocery/market. I'm not really a list person, but my hubby is. To please him (and avoid argugemnts) I create a list before we go to the grocery. But I don't really stick to the list. I know, I'm such a bad shopper. I can't be a budget officer, I can't even police myself. But lately, I'm trying my best to minimize our expenses. Super mahal na lahat ng bilihin.

Some of the things I'm trying to do:
- put more veggies and fish in our weekly menu (less expensive than all meat meals,not to mention healthier) but I don't really like buying the fish or even meat in palengke. I just feel that it's more prone to not too good quality meats(smuggled,double dead...u get the picture)
- avoid going to the grocery as much as possible...if I don't go there myself, I avoid the unnecessary buys, I just provide a list of things to buy to the maid, of course she sticks to it.
- I use my loyalty card to get loyalty points then exchange the points to vouchers.- buy shampoo sachets. I noticed that our maid tend to use up more shampoo when we buy the bottle. At least if it's in sachet I can monitor how long the packs should last.
- I use my credit card to pay. This way, I get points as well and I don't have to bring cash. I pay all the amount due on or before due date, to avoid getting any charges (finance charge, late payment,etc). This way, I get the advantages of having a card.

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