Sunday, May 10, 2015

Planning the trip

As early as December 2014, I have been thinking on how to celebrate Alec's 7th birthday which is on July 2015. So I asked her if she wants to have a big party or travel outside the country. She picked the latter (with the guidance of mommy of course),

Come February, there was the "BDO Travel Sale" @ SM Aura. I know there will be a huge crowd, but I went anyway. Luckily, a nawie hubby helped me book Cathay tickets to HK for May.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Alec's 6th birthday

July 1, 2014

For my little girl's 6th birthday, I took her out and we bonded over pedi.

Caden's Birthday 2014

Caden's 7th birthday, they had super fun. The girls enjoyed the mani area as well as the hair styling section. They also liked their costumes.

Macy's birthday

The kids had a blast. Basty was even brave enough to volunteer as the magician's assistant. They went back and forth outside for the games.


Not a single post last year (2014) :(

What do I remember:

As usual, celebrated New Year in Pampanga.
Post Christmas dinner with friends. Our friend Zarah from Australia came to visit.
Celebrated mama's birthday

It was probably an uneventful month.

Lolo's 90th birthday. Relatives from US came and it was a big event. Eric was in the US, he missed the party. It was my first long drive.

Went to Bataan. Love the Capones Island beach.
The Olpindos came to visit

Events on Eric's side.
His cousin's 18th birthday
Family Reunion

Back to school for the kids

Celebrated my birthday in Pampanga together with other July celebrants from my side of the family. I was also given a surprise party by friends.
Dinner with college batchmates
Lunch with my former office mates. It was the last day of my ex-boss. She transferred to another company.

Ehra's nutrition day presentation at school. Her costume was a squash.
Basty's simple birthday dinner at home.


Ehra's 4th birthday. We did not have a party, but we bought cake and had a simple dinner celebration.

Celebrated Eric's birthday - just the two of us.
Attended some events.

Attended high school reunion together with Eric since we were class mates in HS.
Celebrated Christmas in Tarlac. As usual, attended the family reunion from Eric's mother side. Also attended the first reunion from his father side.


For 2015, instead of a new year's resolution, I would like to think of a theme that would push me forward this year and to somehow make things better. This year I would like to think of the phrase "Just do it". I would think of this whenever i want or need to accomplish things.

Some of the things I want to do this year:
1. Travel. HK or Malaysia.
2. Complete the 52 week challenge to save money for travel fund
3. Save more
4. Pay out home loan (at leasty 6 months)
5. Summer outing with the kids

Ehra's 4th Birthday

Ehra's birthday was celebrated 3 times (Capas, Pampanga and Royal Palm).

My baby girl is growing up fast. She's no longer bulol.

I love her to bits.