Thursday, January 26, 2006

January 26

I went to my OB today. I gave her my ultrasound, 2decho and CBC results. She said my blood is ok, i'm not anemic but there's some not so good findings in my heart. She said that we have to play it by ear at the moment and i have to report to her if ever i feel something different. I will have to go to a cardio before i give birth.

I'm still not feeling normal. I felt dizzy the whole day.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

January 24

I had transV ultrasound yesterday, I saw my baby, I saw the heartbeat in the monitor...I can't express what i felt at that moment..I shed a tear...of joy. The size of my baby is 11mm, it's still so small, yet there's a heartbeat already...ah, the miracle of life.

I am still not feeling normal, I mean i am still dizzy at times, sometimes i have to stop eating in the middle of my meal cause i feel like throwing up.

I also had 2D Echo yesterday. I'm getting the result tomorrow, I hope everythin's ok.

Friday, January 13, 2006

January 12

Eric and I are ok now :)

Eric almost lost his cellphone. We were so worried. Imagine paying up for the cellphone specially now that we have to save up for our baby. Fortunately, it was still in the tricycle when eric checked back.

I ate so much today. I'm always hungry and my energy level goes down fast. I ate a lot, it's like eating for three. Hmmm, am i having twins?

My boss told me that she used Baby Plus and she's happy with the result. She shared that her baby is not a cry baby and that she learns quickly. I would really like to have one. I want my baby to be smart :)

Thursday, January 12, 2006

January 11

I realized that even if I don’t tell my boss about my pregnancy, she’ll soon find out since some people already knows about it.

On our way to a lunch meeting, I told her. She was surprised. I think she’s happy but she’s more worried about my performance than anything else. I told her that she really has to get more people in our team. Right now, it’s just me in the team (if you can even call it a team)

Eric and I had a fight. Well, it’s not really a fight, but I was really irritated. I just felt that he should be more patient and understanding.

He did all the laundry, cooking and cleaning…hahaha.

January 10

I went to our company clinic just to check if there are benefits that I’m going to enjoy. I found out that I should shoulder all the lab costs (

I did not plan to tell anybody here in office that I’m pregnant. But somebody asked me and I didn’t want to deny so I told them that I’m pregnant.

January 9

Oh yes I am excited. I went to my OB-gyne the day after the test.

My OB told me that I am 5 weeks and 3 days pregnant. She scheduled for me to get ultra sound and CBC on my 7th week. She also gave me prescription for my vitamins and sample of annmum.

I told some of my friends about the good news. They were all happy for us. I do not want to tell everybody yet;maybe i'll do it after the ultrasound.

January 8

It's our first year anniversary!

I woke up around 7am and i went directly to the restroom. I tiptoed on my way as not to wake up Eric. I wanted to surprise him. Here I go again, expecting that it will turn positive.

2 purple lines appeared. Hey, I forgot how many lines should appear for the result to be positive. I had to read the instruction again. Lo and behold, it says when 2 purple lines appear, result is positive. I can't describe how happy I was. I went to the bed and woke up Eric and told him he'll be a daddy soon. I cried. Eric was so happy too. He said that it's the best anniv gift and I totally agree.

We called my mom, she's in the market. She was so happy when we told her about the good news. She said she'll be going to Lambac. We received a phone call from my papa by noontime. Mama told him about the news and he was so happy and excited for his first apo. He told me many times to take extra care.

Eric texted his dad at first. We can't control our excitement so we called. They were all happy to hear about it. I'm sure his mom will be telling everybody. They all have been waiting so long..

January 7, 2006

Eric said that we'll drink wine to celebrate our anniversary. I told him that i'm delayed and I want to check first if i'm pregnant or not before we drink wine. We went to the nearest Mercury drugstore to buy a pregnancy test kit, but they didn't have stock. I told Eric that we can just do it the next day but he was adamant, so we went to the Mercury drug near Makati Med, luckily, they have what we need.

I did not do the test because it was recommended to do it in the morning. I also did not drink anymore.

December 2, 2005

I was in Cebu then, going back to Manila on that day.

I missed my period last November, my last period was October 25. I was planning to do preg test in Manila.

When I went to the bathroom to take a bath, I saw blood in my underwear. I was really disappointed. I thought I was pregnant. I guess the delay was caused by stress at work because we had 2 events and it was really stressful.

Last month, Eric and I decided that we want to have a baby already.