Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Stressful weekend

We had our department's strategic planning in Batangas last July15-16. It was really tiring, specially the travel home which took 4 hours because of SLEX traffic. I took a ride with my officemate and he dropped me off at SM since I'm meeting Eric there. Unfortunately, na flat tire si Eric so he had to change tire bago nya ako masundo which took more or less 1 hour bago nya ako nasundo. We had to go to the office since we need to get the items na kailangan naming ipadala sa friend namin who's going to Aus. It was really tiring.

The next day, while I was taking a nap, nakarinig ako ng malakas na tunog and biglang iyak si Alec. Kahit kakagising ko lang ang bilis kong nakalabas ng room. Nahulog daw si Alec from the sofa (actually sa sandalan ng sofa so mas mataas) and una ang ulo nya. I was not on panic mode until nagsuka sya. The moment na nagsuka sya I told Eric that we must go na sa hospital ( I heard terrible stories about kids throwing up after a head bump and it was really bad). So even without lunch, we went straight to Makati Med. They performed head x-ray. We had to wait for our turn (ang haba ng pila) and wait for another few minutes for the result. Fortunately, ok naman, no fracture daw. Pero while waiting for the result, nag throw up ulit si Alec, so the doctor recommended to admit Alec for observation (they can't see kasi sa x-ray if may blood clot and they don't reco to have the CT-scan agad kasi that's un necessary radiation daw if di naman talaga kailangan). I had to go to the admission office to get a room. Buti nalang may available na semi-private room, but it took a while bago kami pinapunta sa room dahil ni-re-ready pa daw nila.

We stayed overnight, the whole time naman super active si Alec and di na nag throw up (thank God). Bad trip lang kasi mga hapon naman bigla syang nag fever. So syempre di ko alam if the fever is related to the fall or ibang case na. We asked the nurse station to page the pedia and the pedia reco that we bring Alec to the off we go again to the ER of Makati Med. Sabi naman ng doctor, it's not related to the fall and it must be viral. Baka daw nahawa lang sya while she was confined in the hospital...hayz! I'm glad na rin to know that, kasi I was still nervous about the fall at that point dahil di pa nag 48 hours which is crucial daw.

I believe na viral nga yung fever ni Alec kasi ako may sore throat na rin and feeling lalagnatin. I guess dahil nga sa pag stay namin sa hospital and ang daming may sakit na bata (mostly fever).

I was on leave Monday to Tuesday cause I had to make sure that Alec is really okay na and I wasn't feeling good myself. I hope the rest of the week will be fine na.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

6 months and counting

I went to my OB today for my regular check up. Good news is that I gained 8 lbs. in 1 month. I was really hoping to gain a lot. My OB is happy but is conscious too, thus if I gain more than 5 lbs. in another month, she will ask me to take glucose test to check my sugar level. I was borderline (gestational diabetes) with my last pregnancy. Sana wag lang OGTT. I don't like waiting too long in the hospital plus i don't like the 3x blood extraction, not to mention fasting :(

She was asking me if I want to have more babies after this...I said no and I'm planning to be ligated. She said she needs to talk to my husband about that because he needs to sign a letter that he's ok with the ligation. Actually, Eric and I agreed already that we're now happy and contented with 3 babies.

Side Kwento on Typhoon Basyang:
Last night the wind was howling and it was really eerie and the brownout made it impossible to sleep. Super kawawa ang mga kids kasi pinagpapawisan pero kawawa din kami kasi kailangan namin silang paypayan. Sayang din ang mga frozen meat ko sa freezer...I bought a lot pa naman nung weekend para maraming stock. Wish ko lang di masira. I might ask our help na lang siguro to cook Adobo and put it in the least matagal masira ang adobo and minsan mas masarap sya pag pinapainit na lang.

Since walang pasok si Basty, I told him to color books and cut patterns na lang. He can't watch TV cause wala pang power. He's okay naman when I left. Basta daw dapat may pasalubong akong dala later :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Alec's 2nd bday

We had fun @ EK a day before her bday and then we had a simple celebration @ home on the day of her birthday. 

Typhoon Basyang

Signal #1 up over Metro Manila so Basty's class was suspended. He was already on his uniform and @ the clubhouse waiting for his service when I called and informed him that he will no longer go to school. He said he wanted to go to school....i'm happy that he's really looking forward to going to school.

Good thing hindi kami coding today. It's so hard to get a cab when it's raining...not to mention the traffic...kaya ang mahal ng bayad sa taxi pag umuulan. It's just drizzling now, sana huwag ng lumakas.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Our second princess

Yes, we're having another baby girl! :)

We had Ultra Sound yesterday and everything looks ok..yipee! Eric wanted another baby boy, pero ako, I was hoping for another baby girl kaya super happy ako. But Eric is also happy. He's already thinking of the "pagbabantay" that he and Basty will be doing when they're of age...hahaha.

Thanks to our friendly doctor neighbor, we had the ultra sound for FREE. We went all the way to Festival mall for the ultra sound and it was all worth it. Nakakahiya mang aminin, but it's our first time to go to Festival mall. Buti na lang di namin kasama ang mga kids, if not, baka di kami nakaalis agad. Ang daming mga pambatang activities dun. I'm sure di kami makakaalis dun until di sila sumakay sa train and carousel. Maybe next time we can bring them there.