Wednesday, July 14, 2010

6 months and counting

I went to my OB today for my regular check up. Good news is that I gained 8 lbs. in 1 month. I was really hoping to gain a lot. My OB is happy but is conscious too, thus if I gain more than 5 lbs. in another month, she will ask me to take glucose test to check my sugar level. I was borderline (gestational diabetes) with my last pregnancy. Sana wag lang OGTT. I don't like waiting too long in the hospital plus i don't like the 3x blood extraction, not to mention fasting :(

She was asking me if I want to have more babies after this...I said no and I'm planning to be ligated. She said she needs to talk to my husband about that because he needs to sign a letter that he's ok with the ligation. Actually, Eric and I agreed already that we're now happy and contented with 3 babies.

Side Kwento on Typhoon Basyang:
Last night the wind was howling and it was really eerie and the brownout made it impossible to sleep. Super kawawa ang mga kids kasi pinagpapawisan pero kawawa din kami kasi kailangan namin silang paypayan. Sayang din ang mga frozen meat ko sa freezer...I bought a lot pa naman nung weekend para maraming stock. Wish ko lang di masira. I might ask our help na lang siguro to cook Adobo and put it in the least matagal masira ang adobo and minsan mas masarap sya pag pinapainit na lang.

Since walang pasok si Basty, I told him to color books and cut patterns na lang. He can't watch TV cause wala pang power. He's okay naman when I left. Basta daw dapat may pasalubong akong dala later :)

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