Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Sabi nila when you're about to give birth,you'll be nesting. I think I did the nesting kanina. Nag general cleaning kami ng house. I'm supposed to be on bed rest so I just supervised the cleaning. I do hope na di pa lumabas si baby eventhough mommy did the nesting thing already. I'm supposed to give birth on july 1 pa. That's the time my baby will be 37 weeks and that's the safe time. Well I'm not yet totally done with the prep thing. I'm actually postponing putting in the bag, the things we need to bring to the hospital. I would like to think na lalabas si baby on scheduled date so I refuse to finish the packing as early as now. So goodluck sakin if na excite si baby at naisipang mag hello world ng maaga

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