Friday, May 09, 2008

Happy Mother's day!

Credits: You are so beautiful kit (march 2008) by Doro (Doreen Stolz). Wordart by Bnbharty
“You’ll never fully appreciate your mother until you become a mother yourself”

Lagi ko itong naririnig, pero na realize ko lang sya talaga nung naging mommy na rin ako. Naisip ko lahat ng mga nagawa ng mom ko for me (sa family namin). Nung bata pa ako, there were many things na iniisip ko na bakit ganito ang mga decisions ng mom ko…pero now I know why…sobrang kapakanan namin lagi ang iniisip nya. She sacrificed a lot for us. Dati sinasabi din nya na instead na bumili sya ng damit for herself, para sa amin na lang ang binibili nya, di ko man lang na appreciate yun noon…feeling ko kasi dati responsibility naman nya na gawin iyon. But now, ganun na rin ako, pag nag mall ako, most often than not, para sa baby ko ang na shop ko, not for myself or hubby.
I have a lot to be thankful to my mom...sabi nga nila, kahit anong gawin mo, you'll never be able to repay all the things na ginawa ng mom mo for you. Until now, she's always there for me. She's taking care of my son. I can only imagine how hard it is for one to become a new mother without her own mom by her side. My mom stayed with me few days bago pa ako manganak...asa hospital sya the entire time na andun ako.
I know I have given her lots of heartaches...I'm sorry for all those times.
If I would be asked to give 1 word that would best fit her, that would be GIVING. She's always there for her family (our relatives). When a relative goes to her for help, as long as she can, she won't hesitate to help. That's why when she got sick, all of those people she helped showed up. They were all there to show gratitude.
In our family, we're not really expressive of our feelings. We normally don't say I love you or express how much thankful we are or how much we value each other. Here, I want to say I love you mama! You mean so much to me!

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