Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Alehra's 1st birthday suppliers' rating

There are moms who plan their baby's birthday right after they recuperated from giving birth. NO, i'm not one of them...hahaha. As usual, I started planning 3 months before.

We pencil booked at Dad's Glorietta and 2 months before the event they called to inform me that they need to be strict with the time because they have a booking for a debut right after us. I did not like the idea of my guests being told to leave while we are still chatting so we cancelled the reservation.

With no venue and 2 months to go, where else to turn but to my reliable nawie sisters. I checked the archive on the supplier ratings and saw the review of sis Tet on Fun Ranch. So come weekend, I dragged hubby to go there to check the place. It's not our first time there, my kids love the place, but we haven't really paid attention to their party rooms since we go there for the rides. 

Another venue we considered was Milkyway (Pasay Road)  because of their sooo yummy food. Unfortunately, their minimum consumable was out of our budget..bohoohoo. 

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