Monday, February 20, 2012

Sick baby

My baby had tummyaches for a week. We had 3 trips to the ER of Makati Med. First trip, they did xray and urinalysis, both tests turned out okay. The second trip, they said it was 'kabag'. The third time they did CT Scan, CBC and fecalysis, thank God they found nothing wrong..but we had to stay so they can monitor his condition.

We were so anxious when they referred us to a surgeon...they wanted to eliminate the possibility of swollen appendix...i prayed so hard...i can't take that...thank God no surgery needed.

It was right timing when they didn't have lessons for a week, so I sent him to lola for tender loving care (TLC). Lola brought him to a hilot and made him drink 'leaves' extracts. I'm not sure which worked, i'm just glad he was okay when we came to pick him up.
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