Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Basty's first soccer session

Basty wanted to do soccer and we were lucky that Futbol Fanatics had a summer module in our place. It will be 10 sessions TTH, 4 to 5PM.

They started with stretching..

After that, they were taught to run like a Tiger and walk like a Turtle. After the stretching and the running, they were ready for the real thing. They were taught how to dribble the ball, in soccer term, it means kicking the ball (hands off please).

Once the kids were more comfortable kicking the ball (hitting the cones and through the goal), they grouped them into two teams. He was great, yes i know i am bias...hahaha...and i guess you can  call me a "soccer mom"...when i reviewed the videos, all i can hear is myself shouting at Basty to kick or to block the ball...hahaha.

He was a great goal keeper....

If only I can go on leave from work every soccer session and watch him. The fee we paid is so worth it...seeing him having fun. We bought the jeryseys that Futbol Fanatics were selling and I can't wait to see him wearing it.

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