Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Primary complex scare

Our yaya complained that she's having headaches and backaches. She also had blood on her saliva. I immediately brought her to Healthway for check up. They did X-ray but the result suggested for another X-ray because the findings was inconclusive...we waited for few days for the result and yesterday, we got the result and we can breathe now. The yaya is not positive for TB.

I've always had my yayas checked (x-ray, cbc, etc), but was not able to do so for this yaya. Hay, it's a lesson to us na lahat talaga kailangang magpa medical..lalo na at sila ang nagluluto and everyday kasama ng mga kids.

Also, ang mahal talagang magkasakit...ouch sa bulsa. eniways, i'm just glad that she's not a virus carrier. But she's still leaving because she wants to rest muna.

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