Monday, May 30, 2011


Our first choice for the reception was Sweet Pea at the Venice Piazza McKinley Hill. We liked the place kaso di naging okay usapan namin. It's actually the reason why we chose St. Michael's parish because it's near the Piazza. 

We ended up booking at Guilly's, Glorietta 5. The funny part there is that di pa namin napupuntahan ni Eric yung place when I suggested it to him. I found out about the it from Maqui (sis in nawie). I read her blog about her son's baptism. We reserved the place siguro mga 3 weeks before the event. We did not book the entire place because they want us to book a minimum of 80 pax and for some reason, the price per head is higher even if you commit on more guests. 

To our disappointment, when we went there to check on some details, Agnes, the manager told us that they accepted another booking and some of our guests will not be accommodated inside. Super bad trip talaga. I expected at least a call from her to confirm how many guests are we really having to finalize the table arrangement, but no, there was no advice. 

I was not able to eat well during the event so I can't say if the food was any good. But since it's eat all you can buffet, with pasta and mongolian choices, I'm sure the guests found something they wanted. 

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