Thursday, April 24, 2008

Another OGTT

Oh yes, you read it right. I need to have another test. The first test was 50 grams, second was 75 grams, and now I have to take the 100grams test. This time, there will be 4 extractions (0 hr, 1 hr, 2hr,3hr).

The endo doctor said there's no need to worry at this point and I don't need a special diet yet. He needs to see the result of the third test before he'll tell me what to do next.

It's just sad that our company will not cover for the lab test (I actually paid for the 2 previous tests and will have to shoulder this one too). They said the condition is pregnancy related that's why. It's good I verified the request of the doctor at the lab room before I left the clinic, because if not, I would have done my 10 hr fasting and be there at 7am tomorrow only to find out that they will not conduct the test. (I can imagine myself going bersek!)

Once again, I will request for you to include us in your prayers. I'll probably have the test this Sunday.

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Rocks said...

hope everything turns out ok! our prayers are with you :)