Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Here's how we brush Basty's teeth. There should be one holding Basty and another 1 doing the brushing. There's always struggling, crying, screaming and kicking every brushing time.

After brushing, he would stop crying and then request for the toothbrush so that he can do it on his own. He actually likes brushing, but he wants to be in control. We let him brush on his own after so that he would still enjoy brushing even if we have to do it by force at first. With all this effort, I do hope we win this battle against toothdecay. There's only one area where we fail. Basty still drinks milk at night and we can't let him drink water after. I also tried wiping the teeth with gauze after, but he keeps on tossing, making it really hard and sometimes I feel that I might wake him up if I insist to wipe the teeth.

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