Friday, April 25, 2008

Visit to the Pedia Dentist

We went to a pedia dentist about a week ago. We went to Dr. Eric Hernandez with clinic at Medical Plaza. He was highly recommended by Haidee, a fellow n@wie.

Basty and hubby (with yaya) went there ahead of me because they came from the house and I came from the office. The clinic has a glass door, so when I reached the place, I saw Basty playing and having a good time. But the moment we entered the main clinic (past the reception area), Basty was restless and he started crying the moment he was asked to open his mouth. He was screaming and kicking and turning his head from left to right while Dr. Eric brushed his teeth. That's actually the only thing that was done. Dr. Eric said that Basty's case is special. He didn't require cleaning and no cavities yet but the teeth are beginning to weaken. He said that if we delayed our visit for about 3 months, then the teeth might not be saved anymore. He told us to use GC Tooth Mousse to strengthen the teeth. He also asked us to give water after each milk intake of Basty. That's actually a very hard thing to do since Basty is still drinking milk before going to bed and he won't take water anymore after the milk because he's already sleeping by then. The other thing is to brush his teeth 3 times a day. Actually, Basty likes brushing, but he likes to do it himself, he doesn't want anybody to do the brushing and the dentist advised us to do the brushing ourselves because Basty will not be able to clean his teeth thoroughly. That's another problem, but can easily be handled. I was worried though that it might give Basty a trauma, but the dentist said that it won't. Basty will just cry because he won't get his way, but it will not be painful for him so it won't be traumatic for him.

We paid 500 for the consultation and 850 for the tooth mousse. We were asked to come back after a month so that the dentist can monitor if the mousse is working or not. With the high price of the mousse, it must work..hahaha.

Some people will say "why bother with the milk teeth when they will be replaced by permanent teeth; we should only be concerned with the permanent teeth". We were told that the growth of the permanent teeth will be affected by the milk teeth. Also if the milk teeth will have cavities/decay, they will affect my baby's eating…he might have a hard time if he feels pain. I guess another big factor is the fact that I REALLY would like my baby to have nice teeth, because mine are not so nice…I need to get braces. Now you know J

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