Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Nagtitipid...lalong napamahal

After my 75g OGTT, my OB recommended that I go to an endo. She referred me to an endo who also has a clinic at Makati Med. Instead of going there, I went to our office clinic and they told me that we have an endo, but his sked is every Thursday morning only. So I went to our office endo last Thursday and he requested that I get the 100g OGTT. He also told me to get a pink slip from our clinic so that I can go to his clinic outside the office once I have the result of the OGTT, since there's no work on May 1 (thursday). So last Sunday, I took the 100g OGTT at Makati MEd which I had to pay from my own pocket...cost is 1330. I got the result last Monday. After getting the result, I went to our clinic to get the pink slip I need to go to the endo. They told me that they can't give me the pink slip because my case is pregnancy related. So what choice do I have?
Yesterday, I went to the endo originally referred by my OB. To my dismay, I found out that there's really no need for the 100g OGTT. What?!!! After going thru the test (remember, 4 blood extractions, 3 hrs waiting, not to mention the cost of the test), the endo is telling me that If I went straight to her, the 75g OGTT would have suffice.
So you see, instead of nakatipid ako para dun sa consultation fee ng endo (550)...I ended up paying for the 100g OGTT and still paid the 550 consultation fee dahil I ended up going to her naman. HAy! Ang nagtitipid, lalong napamahal :(

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