Thursday, January 20, 2011

3rd month

Today is Ehra's third month. I am happy that she's healthy (except for the colds). Since I'm back to work, she's now drinking my expressed milk when I'm in the office. I was glad when she didn't have a hard time drinking from the bottle. She's really not a cry baby and she's not fussy.

Last Saturday (Jan.15) we had her ears pierced. I'm disappointed with myself when I forgot to take a video (not even a photo) of it.

She's also on track with the baby's milestones. She coos a lot when you talk to her and she also smile back. She follows you when you move from side to side. She can carry her head for a long period of time.

We have scheduled her baptism on the 29th of this month. Hope everything will be okay considering we only had 3 weeks to plan it.

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