Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Birthing Story - Alehra Xirene

I'm giving birth for the third time and it's scheduled CS. We ( Eric and I and our OB) agreed to have it on the 20th of October.

We went to Makati Med as early as 11am. We were thinking that we'll get rooms from those who will be discharged in the morning. Unfortunately, may wait list pa. We were third pa on the list. We went to my OB and she said to go home na lang muna kasi minsan daw may 4pm na umuuwi so mga late na kami magkaka room. When we checked with the admission office we were informed that they'll just text or call us once may available room na.

We received the call mga 9pm na. Grabe! to think pang 3rd kami dun sa list. We were actually given a small private room kasi wala pa daw available na semi-private room which is part of the package. It's actually better for us, kaso lang un nga ang late na.

Once settled na ako sa room, they got my blood for CBC. My biggest problem sa pregnancy ko is ANEMIC ako. My OB needs to know para daw maka reserve sya ng blood for me if ever....I was really scared just thinking about the blood transfusion.

Nurse came in for enema. Few seconds after she finished the whole thing, I was rushing to the CR. I unloaded for few minutes then went straight to take a bath.Good thing we're still in the private room so may sariling bathroom.

I was wheeled in na sa OR. It's the new OR of Makati med...better than the old one. I was actually calm, until nilagay na yung IV. Super sakit talaga kasi di nila nakuha sa first try.  Super lamig sa OR so nag chi-chill ako even before the anesthesia.

I heard the first cry of my baby and super lakas nyang umiyak.

I can't remember the time pero i think i was in my room before lunch.

I was informed that I need to have blood transfusion coz I lost 800cc of blood. Normal is 12 and mine is 10.4 before the operation, after that it was down to 8 that's why I had no choice but to sign the consent. Eric went home that night so I texted him that I was afraid. When they started doing it at around 12pm it was really painful. I asked my mom to call eric to come back at the hospital. It was really an experience I don't want to experience again. I felt that my whole body was numb and it was difficult to breathe. Mas hirap pa ako kesa dun sa operation mismo.


Naka fart na ako..which is one of the things na kailangang mangyari after the operation.

They had to do CBC test again to check if my blood count went up. I prayed so hard that I would not have to undergo with the experience again.

After lunch we were informed that my blood count went up to 9 and my OB ordered not to have another blood transfusion, I was sooo relieved. Thank you Lord talaga.

Oct. 22

My OB asked if we want to be discharged earlier since no IVs connected to me anymore and I was able to poo and pee and fart already which are the requirements before I'm aloowed to be discharged.

We decided to go home na kahit na until 23 pa ang release ko which is part of the package. We were lucky na di na kami nilipat sa semi-private room. We stayed in the private room the whole time. We opted to be discharged earlier since we can rest better when at home rather than in the hospital.

They performed new born screening with baby ehra. After that we made her est for a while and then procedeed to the nursery station for the bath demo. It was my first time to see the nursery station ever.

We were able to process all required docs and paid bills so we were able to go out of the hospital.

Ehra seemed to nurse every hour. My breasts were swollen.

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