Thursday, May 06, 2010

Iron Man 2

We were able to watch Iron Man 2 last night. We were supposed to watch last Sunday, with free tickets courtesy of Mario, but Yaya did not come back as agreed. This is another story, but to cut the story short, I told her husband (the yaya is not texting me, i've been exchanging text with her husband) to tell yaya not to come back anymore. It's the last strand na kasi,.

Going back to Iron Man 2, i enjoyed it pero medyo nakulangan lang ako ng action. I was like "that's it?" - referring to the final encounter with Vanko. It's a bit of a let down. But, i can say that all the characters were well love Robert Downey, Jr. specially when he's showing his narcissistic side. I also like the funny lines like "I don't want to join your super secret boy band"

Both Eric and I are not comic fans so we were like "huh?" when they showed some preview (for the next movie). We didn't get it, but I told Eric that the comic geeks will certainly get it and will probably be excited for the 3rd installment.

Did I enjoy it enough to recommend it? I'd say YES :)

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charmaine santiago said...

hi alma, i added you in my blogroll, saw your site at n@wie thread. :)