Thursday, September 11, 2008

Preschool Hunt Part I

I am still on maternity leave and I realized that Basty could use some time out of our condo unit. He stayed at his lola’s house for quite some time and there were lots of kids there and a large area to run around, but now, it’s just our small unit and some time in front of the condo building with some kids. When we went to the first school, I really didn’t have any standard on what school I’m looking for. I didn’t even have prepared questions to ask. I didn’t even think how Basty will react (it's a different story now after reading a lot of stuff on sending kids to preschool)

First school: O’dea International School

I’m sorry but I forgot the name of the first person we talked to. The principal is Ms. Ann. I was asked about Basty and I said that his speech is ok. I want him to mingle with other kids and do some scribbling. I was informed that they have a promo. Instead of the Monday to Friday schedule, they are offering a 3 day/week schedule at lower monthly fee. The are also offering 3day trial class to see first how the child will react to “schooling” cause some kids are having separation anxiety. After the short talk, I asked if I can see the rooms. It so happen that the toddler class is about to begin when we entered. I was holding Basty’s hand, but the moment he saw the toys, he let go of my hand and went straight to the car toy and didn’t even bother to look back….I was surprised! I just said “oh, I guess my baby doesn’t have separation anxiety”….LOL. So he went straight to have his first trial class.

The second day, he was excited when he saw another toy car, he went straight without removing his shoes, but the teacher asked him to remove his shoes first. I was surprised that he followed the instruction. He normally would shout “AYAW”. Whenever I take a peek (there’s a small space in the door wherein you can take a peek inside, without those inside noticing it), he’s riding the toy car. I even saw the teacher asking him to let another kid ride the car but Basty refused. That’s actually something that I want him to change. He doesn’t want to share toys. He normally plays alone with his toys even when there are other kids around.

There’s a reception area where parents are allowed to wait for their kids. When it was time to go home, I saw most of the kids went out already but no sign of Basty, then I heard the teacher say “ma’am, si Basty ayaw pong lumabas”. I had to go to the room and get him out of there. He actually protested and gave me the “AYAW” line. The teacher had to turn the lights off so that he’ll come with me. Grabe ha, no separation anxiety tapos ayaw pang umuwi…LOL

 Here's a picture when I went in to get him:

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