Friday, August 23, 2019

LA trip 2018

It's our family's first trip to the US (all of us together).

We arrived at the airport around 2pm at the Terminal 3. Cathay Pacific was overbooked so they offered us a deal to ride PAL instead. It will be a direct flight (no more HK stop over which was supposed to be 4 hours) and we will be compensated. It was a really good deal for us. The only drawback was we had to wait for a long time at Terminal 2. There's not a lot of good food choices there.

We left 9pm (Manila time) and arrived in LA at 820pm (LA Time). Flight was more than 14 hours. The kids did good. They enjoyed the ride. They would watch a movie and sometimes sleep. The food was okay and the staff were friendly. The only issue I had was that the monitor panel on my seat was not working. Over all, it was a good flight for us.

The IOs were kinda scary. Maybe because we're with kids, there were not a lot of questions asked. I was holding my breath the entire time he was asking questions. After the IO gave us our passports, that's the only time I was able to breathe properly.

The moment we exited, Tito Nong and Tita Alice were there to greet us. It was probably around 10pm when we arrived at their house. Their house is huge! Few moments after, Tito Cel and Tita Alice as well as Richard arrived to greet us.

We couldn't sleep and Alec asked to go to the kitchen around 2am.

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