Thursday, August 19, 2010

28 months

Malapit na, ilang weeks na lang at makikita na namin si second princess. Would you believe, we still don't have a name for her! We really can't decide yet, as in wala kaming maisip. We want a unique name, yung di sya mahihirapan with legal docs just because may kapangalan sya. Both (hubby and I) our names are so common, we have issues getting NBI clearance dahil may kaso ang mga kapangalan namin...hassle!

Few days ago, I found out that i'm anemic. My OB changed my Iron vitamins from Hemarate FA to Hemobion and I have to take it 2 times a day. I hope my condition improves before the big day.

I haven't made a checklist yet on the things that I need to buy and the things I need to bring to the hospital. I think I need to sort the old baby clothes next week to find out the items that I still need to buy. 

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