Monday, March 29, 2010

2 lines, 3rd time

I never imagined I'll see the two lines again after about 2 years.

Last March 9, I was inside our bathroom and I was nervous. I was waiting for the result. I was hoping for a 1 line only. I was not ready. But lo and behold, I was holding the preggy kit with 2 visible lines. Yes, we're expecting again. Our third baby. Another blessing in our family.

At first, I was in denial. I never told anybody(except for Abby, who happen to check on me after a day I found out) until I had my ultrasound. Last March 20, there's no denying it...we heard our baby's heartbeat (a strong 165/min). This is it.

As of now, I'm going thru the usual morning whole day sickness. I’m throwing up almost every day. The nausea is not just in the morning. I’m having trouble sleeping…and the list goes on. I need to be strong because I know that this will pass (I just hope soon).

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