Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Story of us

As posted @ n@w:

How/Where/When did you guys meet?

>>>We were classmates in highschool(we later found out that we were classmates in prep). We were in first year HS then when i dreamt of him..as in hindi ko sya iniisip, bigla lang na napanaginipan ko sya and the dream was not even a romantic dream pero the next day bigla ko na lang syang na notice na may dating pala sya and matalino pala(he's the only guy in our top ten list). Ganun lang yun, pero di ako nagpa cute or something sa kanya, i mean the attraction i felt was not really strong so i moved to diff. crushes, had relationships. Sya naman, busy din sya pursuing other girls so di rin nya pansin ang beauty ko.

When did you first feel the attraction? When did your spouse first feel the attraction?

>>>year 2000, lagi kaming nagki-kitakita ng mga HS friends ko, then one time we saw my hubby sa starmart and asked him to join our gimik...after that madalas na namin syang kasama sa napapdalas na weekend gimiks. During that time, nagkasakit ang mom ko, sya yung nakakausap ko about my problems kaya naging instant close kami. nung kami na, I asked him kung kelan sya na-attract sakin, sabi nya nun daw nakita nya how strong i am, nakita daw nya na i can handle problems and may mga iba pa daw, small things ganun.

How/When did you guys become a couple?

>>>Hubby's bday, november 2000. Para tipid, anniv and bday na nya ang gift ko sa kanya...hehehe

How/When did you know that he/she was "the one"?

>>>I asked myself if I can see myself spending the rest of my life with him, and the answer is an absolute YES. I was brokenhearted with my previous relationship and i was so in love with that ex of mine and I always wished for him not to end up with the girl he cheated me on, it took years before i could say i am so over him.. and then one time i just realized that i don't care anymore, all the bitterness gone because i'm happy with my relationship with my hubby. I finally found "the one" who made my heart whole again (corny no..hahaha)

Any other 'kilig' details, I'd love to hear them! :)

>>>He proposed to me in a very romantic way. He decorated his room with roses and he bought ballooons and of course, there's chocolate. He asked me to close my eyes and he guided me inside his room. He knelt down with a diamond ring in his hand and asked me the question every ladies would love to hear. I was really surprised and I just cried. He did it Christmas eve.

now that we're married:

>>>We had the rose ceremony in our wedding. Every monthsary namin binibigyan nya ako ng single white rose.

Every morning as soon as he wakes up he kisses me and say he loves me..before he sleeps din pala.

He cooks for me on weekends

He surprised me with a harry potter 6 book. He ordered it in Canada pa. I actually cried when he gave me the book, i was touched by the gesture

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